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OKPP Members Concentrate Their Efforts Towards Clean USDA Inspection Reports.

The Oklahoma Pet Professionals (OKPP) Members have concentrate their daily efforts towards going above and beyond requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection regulations.


One of the most common threads throughout the Oklahoma Pet Professionals (OKPP) membership is their great love for animals.  It is this desire of providing the very best care and attention to our animals that brings them members to educational seminars and events. 


The OKPP is proud that our members are the very best pet breeders in the nation.  We pay special attention every day insuring our dogs are well taken care of with the best of veterinary care, optimum nutrition, daily socialization and exercise, and selective breeding practices.


We reach and exceed United States Department of Agriculture standards.  The USDA APHIS compliance officers arrive at each USDA licensed facility unannounced and immediately begin their surprise inspections on arrival.  Our members’ facilities are also inspected by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.  These OKDOA inspection are also without notice.