Welcome Message

Dear Pet Producer,

As you are no doubt aware, our industry is under attack by large organizations with seemingly unlimited resources.  They are relentless in attempting to introduce legislation that is detrimental to the pet industry.  Unlicensed hobby breeders are included in these pet industry attacks.

The Oklahoma Pet Professionals was founded in 1999 by a group of concerned pet producers in the hope of improving the image of professional pet producers by cooperating with state and federal governments in developing legislation favorable to the pet industry as a whole and defeating unfavorable legislation.

Annual dues to OKPP are $40.00.  Some of the many benefits of membership include:

    Access to USDA and Oklahoma State Regulations and guideline information.
    Current Legislation that is being considered.
    Annual meeting that fulfill the required continuing education mandate.
    Access to immediate advice and help for your individual kennel and emergencies.
    Meeting conducted in your area when enough interest is shown.
    List the current Member Directory by breeds produced if desired.

We encourage all pet producers to join the OKPP.  Membership creates a strong organization that is able to better protect you and our industry.  The OKPP is looking forward to hearing from you.


Gary Phillips
President OKPP